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Secret #1: How to Build an Audience of Perfect Readers
Emotions create the motion your books need to sell. Let's build your audience of readers who are looking for you and your books!
Secret #2: How To Design Books That Serve
If you're saying "Readers would love my book - if they would just read it!" then your book isn't converting! Design your book to serve your audience by delivering what they WANT!  
Secret #3: How To Deliver VALUE To Hungry Readers
Marketing is all about discovery, relationship building, and relatedness. Let me show you how to get to know your readers on a level that sets you apart from the competition.
Tamara Rasheed: Unleashed
Follow my journey as I broke free from poverty, the past, and old habits to leaning into discovering my purpose, writing 33 books with 8 best sellers and starting a 46 title publishing house that I am scaling to 300 books. When I took the time to build my vision, and made myself a promise that I would be deliberate about and take action on making myself happy - I became unleashed in life.
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